2012. november 29., csütörtök

Back in business...


Yesterday I started to work on the new mod's basics. As I mentioned, I will re-work the engine physics - so I have started to work on the BMW's engine. Until that, I used a specific program which called 'Physics Editor' (which is a very useful program by the way!), but, just because I will have some project in the future, which will need some templates, I did an Excel-chart for this. Now, I just thinking on, how detailed should I do the engine physics - now I use 500 RPM steps, but this will probably be changed, depending on how much time and what kind of mood I will have. :) :P

That's all for today, maybe (maybe - call me maybe, lol) I will post the graphs of the 320TC's engine.

See you later!

2012. november 24., szombat

Dear Visitor!

First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting my blog! In this blog, you can read and get informations about my modifications for different types of racing games/simulators like rFactor, rFactor 2, RACE 07. Under developement, my keyword is the 'get real': I try to make my mods as real as it's possible, and I will release quality works.

My current project is the WTCC series for RACE 07: especially the 2011-2012-2013 seasons. In this project, I will use my WTCC 2011 V2 modification as a base, and it will developed further. Under the developement, beside the engines I would like to re-work the tyre physics & behaviour as well.

That's all about what you have to know about my workshop, hope that you will visit my blog so often.

See you next time!